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KMM Carpool Survey

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First name:*
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How do you currently get to work?*
Ride bus/train
Get dropped off
Take a taxi
How many days per week do you use this mode?*
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How long have you been commuting this way?*
Less than 1 year
1-2 years
More than 2 years
If you carpool or vanpool, how many people are in your pool?
Are your carpool partners registered with KMM?*
Yes   No   Unknown
How many miles do you commute roundtrip?*
Under 5 miles
5-10 miles,
11-20 miles
over 20 miles

The Emergency Ride Home Program (ERH) is a program that allows members to call for a free emergency ride up to three times a year, in instances of unexpected overtime, a family emergency, a carpool breakdown or transit service interruption.
Have you signed up for ERH?*
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Refer your friends to earn gift cards.

Our new incentive program rewards registered carpoolers like you when they refer their friends to KMM. You can receive a gift card (up to 4 gift cards) when your friends or carpool partners register for KMMís carpool program. Once a NEW, previously unregistered, referral completes a rideshare application KMM will send you a gift card. Gift cards will be awarded for referral of NEW applicants only. Not applicable to those currently registered. Supply of gift cards is limited.

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